Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Small Dogs v. Larger Breeds

As I was walking Beanie today (adorable, small Pomeranian-Poodle) these thoughts came to mind. 

While large dogs and small are all part of the same biological pool, there are big differences -- not just in size.  If you want a dog who can be easily well trained, who will listen to your commands, and who will make you top dog in his or her eyes, you want a larger breed, like a Labrador.  They are lots of terrific large breed dogs.

Smaller breeds:
They have longer life spans than the larger breeds.  They eat less (so the food bill is less).  In case of danger, a small dog can be easily picked up and carried.  It's fun to have an animal cuddle in your lap.  Because of their independent, spunky personalities, they can be quite funny!  They don't eat  much, they eliminate less, so there's less to pick up. And, they often maintain a cute "puppy" like appearance into adulthood.

Are you a fan of small or large dogs?  I would love to hear from you.


Martha G said...

I love both for different reasons, but at this point in my life I'm favoring larger breeds. That might be because I raise puppies for a service dog organization and they're always in training. I worry about falling around small dogs. I just don't see them as well as my bigger Labs.

Alison said...

I love large, medium, and small dogs alike, but for now, living in a city and in a small place, find that small dogs are a good fit. Our dog, Lucky, hasn't learned one single command so far as I can tell, but his disposition is so sweet that it doesn't seem to matter.

Petsitter-Portland-OR said...

Martha & Alison - thanks for your comments. I actually know that each dog is individual - no matter what their size. I pet sit for all different sizes and each has their advantages. When I'm in a desolate area of Mt. Tabor, I feel safer with a large dog. But when I feel a sudden threat to the little dog I am walking (and it's too late to cross the street)I'm glad I can scoop the little dog up into my arms. Alison, Lucky is such a little sweetheart, it somehow doesn't matter that he doesn't respond to any commands. Being with him is a joy.