Monday, July 15, 2013

Cat Litter: Which to buy?

Let me first state that I don't receive any type of remuneration for the products I endorse.  I simply enjoy finding new products, and passing that information on.

Essentials by Arm & Hammer used to be my favorite clumping litter.  Sadly, either a disgruntled employee has tampered with their product, or they have foolishly fiddled with the formulation.  It simply doesn't clump the urine at all well anymore, and that has been true for several bags I've tried.  Very disappointing, because it is less expensive than the one which is now my top choice.  My cat likes both, but then, he's not cleaning the litter box, or paying the bills. 

The World's Best Cat Litter (yep, a bit of hyperbole there) now gets my top vote . If  you don't have a tight budget, this is my #1 recommendation:

1.  It is natural, made from corn.  Doesn't contain synthetic chemicals or   perfumes.
2.  It is odor absorbing, and has a pleasant, natural scent.
3.  You can actually flush it down the toilet! 
4.  If you google the item, you can find a free bag rebate.

I am NOT a fan of non-clumping litter, like pine pellets.  Clumping litter is a marvelous invention and it makes care of the kitty box a lot easier. 

Freddie's carries the smaller sizes; if you go to the pet supply stores, you will find large bags (20 lbs?) which will likely be less costly per pound.

If you have a favorite, please write and let me know why.

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Martha G said...

Thanks for the recommendation! We'll have to check this brand out.