Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Halo, a great alternative to Pet Promise

Many pet guardians (including myself, and some of my clients) are dismayed that Pet Promise is going out of business. That information was first leaked on Dr. Andrew Weil's website; he has been their spokesperson. In the Portland area, you can still find a few cans and bags at Freddie's, now reduced.

Fortunately, there are several great pet food companies and the one I learned about recently is Halo.

"At Halo pure love for pets drives everything we do. We create natural, holistic products to help your pet live a long, happy, healthy life. Over 20 years of real-life experiences helping animals, plus an unequalled commitment to natural care, inspire HALO's nutritional foods, essential supplements, herbal grooming aids and healthy treats." Some of their products include Spot's Stew, Live-A-Littles treats, Vitaglo essential supplements, and Cloud 9 grooming products. All natural ingredients, satisfaction guaranteed.

I have tested their products out and so have clients I have given samples to. Everyone I've talked to about it gives it a thumbs up, and I do, too. My kitty loves their wet food, dry kibble, and particularly their Liv a Littles chicken breast treats.

Porter (my feline buddy) and I are both very happy to have discovered Halo products!