Saturday, March 22, 2008

A couple of great products

1) Pet Walker-Plus leash/lead
Introduced by my wonderful clients, Sue & Gary. Walking their two Westies with it makes my job easier (it's "no tangle"), it leaves me with one free hand, and we all have more fun.

The two, long separate leads "allow each dog individualism and separate mobility needed to perform natural duties." Leads have snaps at both ends, so they can be used dual or single. "Large leashes are designed with a safety release allowing (owners) to control the release. Large and small dogs can be walked together."
Both dogs have as wide of a stretch to sniff around as they would have on separate leads.

Three sizes: Small (1/2 inch wide) up to 15 lbs. each. Medium (3/4 inch wide) for up to 59 lbs. each. Large (1 inch wide) for up to 60 lbs. each. By ordering it from the company, I paid $25 - $35, plus shipping.

Pet-Walker Plus (Carlsbad, CA), 760-930-9888, or Internet search. You may find it at your local pet supply store.

2)Zoom Groom Brush.
My long haired Main Coon used to have a low tolerance threshold when I used a conventional brush. Now he welcomes daily brushing with the massaging, rubber tips.
Inexpensive, virtually indestructible, and easy to find. I have groomed dogs, cats, rabbits,and guinea pigs with it. Easy to clean, and because it's rubber, you won't accidentally hurt your companion animal.

Both products get A+ recommendation from The Pet Professional.

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